Friday, July 25, 2008

More Physical Therapy

Although I was very careful during our recent move, moving aggravated my tendonitis. I've seen the sports doc, been resting my arm as much as possible, and start physical therapy again Monday.

I had my evaluation with the Physical Therapist this morning. He says the inflammation is mild (which I knew) and there is some scar tissue (which I also knew). The therapy will help both. Over the weekend I am to continue resting my arm, ice it three times a day whether it hurts or not, and wear my brace. I love it when their advice is easy to follow. :)

Working on the computer a lot (like my work load when school is in session) also aggravates the tendonitis, even though I've changed many of my work habits. My goal for Physical Therapy is to make it was well as possible before school starts. Since classes start at the end of August, I'll have to start preparing soon (updating my online classes, etc.). SIGH. I'm not even ready to think about the new school year yet!

Now it's time to curl up with a murder mystery, ice my arm, and not think about school...

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