Thursday, July 24, 2008

Skinny Dippers

This ad appeared on the weather page of today's Flint Journal:

SKINNY DIPPERS -- Co-ed nude
recreation. Visit the Flint
area's finest nude resort;
tennis, volleyball, swimming,
whirlpool, camping. Legal,
no tan line.
2 for 1 pass for first
time visitors.

While I respect the freedom of consenting adults to do whatever they want, this ad did not create a pretty picture in my mind. First, 99% of the population does not look like super-models. That means almost all of us look better in clothes. Think about it: imagine any ten people you know. How many are look like super-models? How many would look betting in clothes? See what I mean?

Second, while it seems like every nude beach features volleyball (another scary image, refer to point one), I can't imagine camping in the nude. Have these people ever been camping in Michigan? Even wearing clothes and using Deet you get eaten alive by mosquitoes! Lest you think I'm mistaken about the accommodations, their web site shows tent camping. It boggles the mind.

Finally, the web site ( = Whispering Oaks Nudist Resort, near Oxford, MI which is not near Flint, by the way) says it's family-oriented. ICK! Do you want your parents or your kids to see you naked? Do you want to see your parents or grandparents naked?

I wish these people well, but it's safe to say I won't be visiting any time soon. I know that I'm part of that 99% who look better with clothes. Beside, just imagine the sunburn and mosquitoes...


Macy Swain said...

Wow! Thanks for keeping up with this IMPORTANT "Flint" nudes...I mean, news. Just in time to take our attention away from the "saggy pants" saga. Having seen how Flintoids look fully clothed on, say, Saturday in Walmart, the idea of a bunch of us "au naturel" is downright frightening.

The Cat Bastet said...

LOL! One of my friends says that whenever she wants to feel thin and well-dressed she just goes to Wal-Mart. :)