Monday, July 28, 2008

Cul de Sac

If you aren't reading Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson you are missing one of the best and funniest current comics. Here's an example from yesterday (transcript follows):

Ernesto: Ah, Peter! Checking out some summer reading?
Peter: Hi, um, Ernesto. Yeah, I've got this book -

Ernesto: Let's see. "Dirk Dragonslapper Vol. 1: The Trolls Revolt."
Peter: It's about a boy who rides around on a dragon -

Ernesto: Yes. I reviewed it on my blog.
Peter: You have a blog?

Ernesto: Yes. I found the book derivative and thin, like a watered-down version of Tolkien. You do like Tolkien?
Peter: I've never been tolking.

Ernesto: LOL! Always the quotable Peter! May I use that?
Peter: Yeah. Okay.

Ernesto: Good-bye! Enjoy your little book!

Mom: Let's check out, Petey. Where's your book?
Peter: I put it back. It's derivative, watered-down tolking.

Mom: Okay, Petey.
Alice: I'm getting the Big Pop-Up Book of Giant Squids! See?
Peter: Gaaah!


It's not always about blogging and/or Tolkien, but it is always funny. I read Cul de Sac every day on GoComics. You can read it free at The Seattle Times.

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