Monday, July 07, 2008

Surprise! Girl Scout Cookies

How long do Girl Scout Cookies stay fresh? I'm still unpacking and just found several boxes I forgot I had stashed away: two boxes of Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies and two boxes low-fat Lemon Pastry cookies. They don't even make Lemon Pastry cookies any more, so I have no idea how old these are! Not that that has stopped me from eating them...

All four boxes were made by ABC Bakers, so they are the best. I just checked the FAQs on the Girl Scout web site, which says "Girl Scout Cookies do not contain preservatives. They are all made with pure vegetable shortening, are kosher, and freeze well to extend their shelf life." I'm amazed they still taste so good!

If you really bored, read all about Girl Scout Cookies and the two licensed bakeries that make them. Read up so you'll be ready to shop wisely next year. Oh, and don't bother freezing them. They apparently stay just as fresh when shoved to the back of the pantry for a couple of years.

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