Sunday, July 20, 2008

Needle Felting Scultpure Class

Yesterday Laurie, Sue, and I attended Deb Koch's Needle Felting Scultpure Class. Deb doesn't have room for classes in her store, Stitches 'n' Things, so the class was held at the Senior Center in Fenton. Residents were welcome to attend the first portion of the class (free) and about 6, including Deb's mom, did!

We learned the basic techniques by making a Santa/gnome ornament. Pictured above, left to right: my ornament, Sue's, and Laurie's.

After that we made more complex sculptures. The class was designed to teach Waldorf (faceless) dolls, which several of us made, but you could make any kind of sculpture you wished. At least two ladies, including Sue, make miniature dogs.

Laurie made a Mother Earth doll, with animals on her skirt. I made a mermaid, embellished with mini-sea shells and seed beads.

Sue's dog is not yet completed, but she has her lovely little dog, Bubbles, to use as a model:

When she's done I will add photos of Bubbles and the completed project.

Needle Felting Sculpture turned out to be much easier than I expected! I consider myself primarily a cross-stitcher but I really enjoyed sculpting my Santa and my mermaid (especially her hair and jewelry!). Since my Sophie, my Siamese Snowshoe, is attracted to wool, I can't easily work on needle felting at home. That's one reason I really enjoy taking Deb's classes. Other reasons: she funny, an excellent teacher, and she always brings chocolate. :) After this class I feel comfortable enough with needle felting to look forward to the next sculpting class: sculpting faces.

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